The most electric weekend in pickleball history is coming, and if you're lucky, it could be on its way to a town near you! Here at PKLN, we've dreamed up what the talk of the pickleball world will be with our Pro Pickleball All-Star Weekend in September!

Forget what you know about all-star weekends. This isn't just a gathering; it's a festival of finesse, a carnival of competition, and a downright display of dink dominance. The NBA has its slam dunks, and MLB has its home runs, but pickleball? We're bringing you a new breed of thrills that whispers sweet nothings to your inner sports soul. We're going to show those sports how it's done.

Picture Ben Johns and the crème de la crème of the pickleball world unleashing serves that break the sound barrier in the "Fastest Serve Showdown." Then, watch Anna Leigh Waters thread the needle in the "Pickle Precision Challenge," where missing the mark isn't an option.

Or, for a dash of razzle-dazzle, the "Slam Dink Contest" will showcase the kind of shots that make you question the laws of physics. Have you ever seen a pickleball do a loop-de-loop? The Tweener King might be the favorite to pull something magical off. 

We can NOT forget "Pickleball Pong," where accuracy meets the good ol' college game in a mash-up that's destined to become a fan & Tyson McGuffin favorite. Last, but not least, an event that is sure to be a fan-favorite, "Pickle Pros vs Pickle Joes." WE WANT YOU! This is a once in a lifetime chance for everyday players like me & you to test our skills against the best to ever do it! Do you think you have what it takes?! 

It will be unforgettable watching these." The BIG question on everyone's mind isn't just who will be crowned pickleball royalty—it's where this courtly conquest will occur. Will it be a city known for its sizzling pickleball culture or one renowned for its beachside beauty? 

Let the drum roll commence as we unveil our top five contenders for the most epic showdown in pickleball history:

1. Austin, TX: Immerse yourself in the eclectic charm of Austin, where pickleball passion meets the soul of Texas for an unforgettable showdown of skill and spirit. Will it be the live music and hipster haven of Austin, TX, with its eclectic energy fueling every volley? Probability: 80%

2. Seattle, WA: Head to the Pacific Northwest to the birthplace of it all! Together, Bainbridge Island and Seattle provide a historical aspect and big-city amenities that will be tough to beat. This could also provide one of the most stunning backdrops possible! Yikes!   Probability: 75%

3. "The Beaches", DE, MD, VA: Dive into the sandy courts of Rehoboth Beach, Ocean City, & Virginia Beach for a beachside bonanza of pickleball action that will leave you breathless. Perhaps the coastal charm and boardwalk empire of these mid-Atlantic getaways could provide the ultimate mixture, and don't forget about their food scene. CRABCAKES & PICKLEBALL! That's what Maryland does! Be sure to grab your PKLN Posterboy hat to represent the hometown kid!  Probability: 10%

4. Los Angeles, CA: Soak in the glitz and glam of LA as pickleball takes center stage in a star-studded event that will leave fans starry-eyed and the media begging for more. How does Pickleball Palooza with all of our favorite pickleball-playing musicians & artists sound? Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber vs Beyonce & Jay-Z. Who you got?!   Probability: 40%

5. Orlando, FL: Finally, what would a list of possible locations for anything pickleball-related be without some representation from Florida!? (Not you DeSantis) We could have chosen a few different cities here and would like to hear your take in the comments, but we ended up choosing a family-favorite, Orlando! Disney World, good weather, underrated BBQ  —everyone wins!   Probability: 25%

Unfortunately, some amazing cities were left off this list, so PLEASE, we'd like to  know what you think! WE WANT YOU to decide where the perfect pickleball all-star backdrop will be!

What's your take on bringing the All-Star bling to pickleball? Should we keep it pure or shoot for the moon? Who would win the fastest serve competition? Which city would you want to host the first-ever pickleball all-star weekend? Drop your comments like a soft, silky dink at the kitchen line, and let's make this happen! 

Don't forget to hit that like button, subscribe for more, and share this post with your chosen pickleball family! We're on the brink of something special at PKLN and want YOU to come along for the ride! Buckle up & collect your PKLN uniform today!


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