PKLN Pop-Ups

Our Pop-up PKLN concept will be the quickest and most exciting way to get the pickleball experience to more people, more quickly. The big guys are snatching up all of the malls and Bed, Bath, & Beyonds and converting those to massive pickleball complexes which is great and all, but what we are setting out to do is a little more intimate and, dare we say, for the people? 

We will start with a purchase of one or two courts that can be rolled up and transported. We will then secure abandoned retail and commercial space to host our PKLN Pickleball Pop-Ups in various cities across America and hopefully, one day, the world.

The location of these PKLN pop-ups will be determined strictly by the people. We will put it up for a vote, see which city or town comes out on top, then load up the trucks and hit the road to bring a never-before-seen, one-of-a-kind pickleball experience to the lucky, winning area.

Buckle up. We have plans to make these spaces incredibly special and intend to give you a pickleball experience like none other. A PKLN pop-up reservation will be the hottest ticket in your town, guaranteed!

Want a PKLN Pop-Up in your town? First, we need your support so head on over to the Products page and pick something nice out for you and a friend. Then be sure to follow us on social media and let us know where we can start planning our next Pickleball Pop-Up! ❤️